Please choose a maximum of 3 Mains for your Event.                                                                     


Sirloin Steak – lightly seasoned and gently grilled until succulent and juicy. Served with the famous ‘ Monkey Gland Sauce’ if you wish. Fear not, no monkeys or glands involved here. (H-0) … £13.00

Giema Curry – an Indian and Cape Malay favourite. Made with beef mince and a combination of wonderful aromatic spices. The addition of Masala and chilli will control the heat to your requirements. (H-1 to H-5) … £10.50

Boerewors (Farmers Sausage) – a braai in Southern Africa would not be the same without this delicious and juicy sausage made with topside of beef (60% ) and belly of pork (40%). Al recommends this one, well he would , he makes it. (H-0) … £8.75


Lamb Sosaties – the lamb is cubed and marinated overnight then threaded onto skewers before being gently grilled on the braai. (H-0) … £11.00

Masala Lamb Chops – another Cape Malay recipe. The lamb is covered with a delicious marinade for 4 hours before braaing over a medium – low heat until crisp on the outside and succulent inside. (H-2) … £11.75

Sweet Chilli Rubbed Lamb Chops – the lamb is coated with a dry rub and gently grilled on a low heat until crisp and juicy. (H-3) … £11.75


Glazed Spare Ribs – gently sprinkled with our own dry rub then left to rest for 4 hours before grilling on the braai and brushed with a sticky glaze to finish. (H1) … £9.00

Pulled Pork – pork shoulder smoked and grilled on the bbq until so tender it is pulled apart or shredded then drizzled with ‘BB’s Lawnside Apple Sauce’ (H-2) … £9.50

Polynesian Spare Ribs – a favourite in Southern Africa. The ribs are immersed in a delicious marinade for 12 hours before being gently grilled on the braai until tender and crisp. (H-0) … £9.00


Springbok Sosaties – the rich gamey flavour of this meat will have a very light brushing of a sweet and sour marinade and served on a skewer with one of our speciality sauces. (H-1) … £13.00

Guinea Fowl Supreme – gently browned on the grill and then partly immersed in a delicious mirepoix (sautéed root vegetables) and cooked low and slow until lovely and tender. (H-0) … £11.50

Wild Boar Meatballs – Closer to beef than pork the lovely flavour of this meat will be accompanied with a tomato and basil sauce. (H-0) … £11.00


Chicken Teriyaki – using chicken thighs this simple but extremely delicious dish is accomplished by adding to the teriyaki sauce, honey, garlic, a sprinkling of mixed herbs and a squeeze of lemon juice at the end of cooking. (H-0) … £8.75

Chicken Peri–Peri – the Southern African appreciation of this dish comes from the Portugese settlers. There are many variations but the main ingredients are olive oil, garlic, peppers, lemon juice and chillies. Al is very proud of his take on this delicious medium spiced dish. (H-3) … £8.75

Cape Malay Chicken Curry – Malay curries have a glorious complexity of flavours and are usually more gently spiced than the Indian versions. (H-2) … £8.75


Peri-Peri Prawns – introduced into Southern Africa by the Portugese population, the prawns are cooked in the peri-peri sauce which is made by Al. (H-3) … £13.50


Sausage and Vegetable Kebabs – a choice of either Lincolnshire or Chilli and Coriander sausages on a skewer with a combo of vegetables, brushed with a honey, balsamic and dijon glaze. (H-0) … £8.50

Al’s Kalahari Mushrooms – large black flat mushrooms grilled with olive oil, unsalted butter, a little garlic, a hint of lemon juice and topped with cheddar cheese. Cooked on the braai until the cheese melts. (H-0) … £7.50


  1. Please inform us of any special dietary requirements.
  2. For more vegetarian options please see SIDES menu page.
  3. Spice heat levels: (H-0) no heat at all to (H-5) enough to blow a hole in a mountain.
  4. Please choose a maximum of 3 Mains for your Event.
  5. Prices are per person.
  6. Braai – Southern African for barbecue or grill.

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Please choose a maximum of 3 sides for your Event.


Ginni’s SA Coleslaw – not as simple as the bought version. This is jazzed up by adding apple, celery, raisins and walnuts. If you prefer not to have the nuts just let us know. (H-0) … £2.75

Indian Potato Salad – enhanced with gentle flavours of cumin seed, coriander, salt and pepper tossed with potato and yoghurt then topped with parsley, mint and paprika. (H-2) … £2.75

Tomato, Egg and Onion Salad – a Southern African favourite, the onions are blanched and cooled, then gently tossed with the egg, tomato and a mild vinaigrette. (H-0) … £2.75

Mixed Leaf Salad – a wonderfully fresh selection of green leaves drizzled with a mild vinaigrette. (H-0) … £2.00


Al’s Kalahari Mushrooms – large flat black mushrooms grilled with olive oil, unsalted butter, a little garlic, a hint of lemon juice and topped with cheddar cheese. Cooked until the cheese melts. (H-0) … £3.00

Jacket Potato – as simple as it sounds but the skin is beautifully grilled until crispy . Served with a knob of butter. (H-0) … £2.75

Glazed Carrots with Honey and Ginger – introduced to Southern Africa by the Malay population. A simple but very tasty dish. (H-1) … £2.75

Corn on the Cob – simply chargrilled and finished with a light seasoning, served with a knob of butter. (H-0) … £3.00

Pumpkin in Spiced Coconut – the mild spice comes from chillies, cinnamon, ground nutmeg and ginger. Depending on availability the pumpkin may be substituted by Butternut Squash, equally delicious. (H-2) … £3.25

Vegetable Kebabs – the finest and freshest available, cooked on a skewer and gently brushed with a honey, balsamic and dijon glaze. (H-0) … £3.50


1. Please inform us of any special dietary requirements                                                                                                                                                                              2. Spice heat levels: (H-0) no heat at all (H-5) enough to blow a hole in a Mountain.                                                                                    3. Prices are per person.                                                                                                                                                                          4. Please choose a maximum of 3 Sides for your Event.

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Menu 1


Please choose a maximum of 2 desserts for your Event.

Koeksisters – A very popular Southern African delicacy, plaited dough, deep fried until golden brown then immersed in a lemon and ginger syrup. The serving of fresh whipped cream alongside is optional … £2.75 (allergens – gluten, eggs, milk, butter, cream)

Luxury Chocolate Tray Bake – made from biscuit crumb, chocolate, coconut and crushed walnuts. Shaped into squares and deliciously chewy. Originally a kid’s recipe but the adults loved it so much we put it on the menu … £2.75 (allergens – nuts, gluten, butter, milk)

Eton Mess– A classic blend of whipped fresh cream, crushed meringue pieces and diced fresh strawberries … £2.75                             (allergens – cream, eggs, strawberries)

Southern African Melk Tart– a favourite in Southern Africa, a smooth milk filling on a pastry base topped with ground cinnamon … £3.75 (allergens – milk, eggs, gluten)

Peach Schnapps Delight– A light and smooth peach Cheesecake on a biscuit base with a hint of Peach Schnapps, decorated with cream and peach slices … £3.75 (allergens – eggs, cream, gluten)

Toffee Crunch Pots– Total naughtiness in a bowl! Delightful cheesecake filled with soft toffee pieces on a biscuit base. Decorated with cream, chopped soft toffee pieces and fresh cream with grated chocolate … £3.45 (allergens – eggs, cream, gluten)

Coffee and Walnut Cake – a light and airy coffee and walnut cake iced with a coffee flavoured cream cheese topping with crushed roasted walnuts … £3.25 (allergens – eggs, cream, nuts, gluten)

Boozy Rich Chocolate Mousse – a rich dark chocolate mousse with brandy, total decadence in a glass … £3.75 (allergens – cream, butter, eggs)

Granadilla Fridge Tart – A light and creamy granadilla (passionfruit) dessert on a digestive biscuit base, similar to a cheesecake … £3.75 (allergens – gluten, cream, eggs)


  1. All our desserts are lovingly prepared and home made. We are very proud to have on our menu some desserts made by the very talented Angie Chatham of Chatters Desserts.
  2. Please inform us of any special dietary requirements.
  3. Please choose a maximum of 2 desserts for your Event.
  4. The following can be gluten free – peach schnapps delight, toffee crunch pots, coffee and walnut cake, boozy rich chocolate mousse, granadilla fridge tart.

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Food on the hoof

Food on the Hoof


For your event please choose any 5 of the following: 


1. Sirloin Steak Roll . . .  lightly coated with olive oil, salt and pepper and grilled until tender and juicy (H-0) . . . £5.00             

2. Buffalo Chilli . . .  a medium chilli and rich in flavour. Served with a jacket spud (H-3) . . . £4.50

3. Cape Malay Chicken Curry . . .  a delicious variation of subtle flavours served with *mielie pap or jacket spud (H-2) . . . £4.50

4. Pork Ribs . . .  four succulent ribs coated in a sweet and smoky barbecue glaze (H-0) . . . £4.50

5. Boerewors Roll . . .  200g of beef and pork sausage made with Southern African Spices packed with loads of flavour (H-1) . . .£4.50

6. Wild Boar and Apple Burger . . .  rich and full of flavour (H-0) . . . £4.50

7. Gourmet Beef Burgers . . .  6oz and 100% beef (H-0) . . . £4.00

8. Peri-Peri Chicken  . . .  served with *mielie pap or a jacket spud to soak up the delicious lemony sauce (H-3) . . . £4.00

9. (V)  Al’s Kalahari Mushrooms . . . large flat mushrooms grilled and filled with olive oil, garlic and lemon juice,                                 topped with melted cheddar cheese. Served with a jacket spud (H-0) . . .  £3.50

10. (V)  Vegetarian and Vegan Sausages(gluten free) . . .  two types available, served in a roll.                                                            1) Lincolnshire – contains carrots, green beans, garden peas and onion (H-0) . . . £3.50                                                                          2) Chilli and Coriander – contains chillies, coriander, onions, sweetcorn and carrots (H-2) . . . £3.50

11. (V) Cheese, Onion and Tomato Toasties . . . these are simply delicious toasted on the grill (H-0) . . . £3.00 


1. Please inform us of any special dietary rquirements.

2. The portions are smaller than the Main Menu.

3. A generous selection of sauces available. 

4. Heat Level Chart (H-1) very mild, hardly worth it to (H-5) enough to blow a hole in a mountain. 

 *Mielie pap – a Southern African favourite, very similar to polenta but white in colour and served as you would rice.